Piano Black Trim Scratches

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Feb 18, 2012
Madrid, Spain
C250 CDI Sport Coupe AMG
I didn't notice before but it looks like the person who prepared the car before it was sold to me used something which marked the trim everywhere. Only visible when the sun hits the trim (not very often :) but it is annoying and detracts from the otherwise really nice look of the piano black trim.

Can I use something to get rid of the marks? Is it something I could do 'in situ'? I wouldn't want to remove the trim if I can avoid it.
Have you tried non abrasive glass/window cleaner? Mr Sheen.
Or wiping with a damp cloth (soapy water) and then with a dry cloth while still damp.
Polish then wax.
Avoid getting them on the 'non shiny' trim around the black trim, and try it on an area that is not easily seen first.
^ +1 did that to sort the trim out on my mum's Alpina, if all else fails get masking the plastic trim and get a machine buffer on it :D

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