Pics of my car

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Feb 1, 2005
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Here are some pictures of my car, I thought you lot would like to see what I drive (sorry I can't include the photos and have to use links, guys).

The first pic is of the car sitting on the roadside. It looks really great - as you can see, the paintwork has been fully detailed and the car never looks as good as it does at this moment.

Of course, that's not actually my car, but then my car, like almost every other 211 estate on the road, is really the same all the others.

Moving on, here's a pic from the rear as the car charges down a country lane:
At least this one is the actual same colour as mine. But then, I chose a standard colour from the brochure, so it's no surprise that my car looks like one in the brochure.

Fianlly, an interior shot. Actually I don't have an interior shot. But have you ever looked through the window of a bog-standard E Class Mercedes as it sat in the showroom or by the roadside? Well, mine looks just like that.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

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