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Feb 9, 2003
E220CDI avantgarde-tansanite blue with sand-cream leather .Honda Civic, Honda Stream SESport( 160bhp
Just wanted to say I've bought my E Class and want to post some pics. If anyone knows how to do this pls let me know.

Hi Adam,

If you email me the pics I'll upload them for you. I'll PM you my email address.

That was quick Adam - did you get a demonstrator?

Prey tell; model, spec etc etc:bannana:
Take it easy not as hot as u think.
In the end I decided that finances, fuel economy, and buying a property was more important than a faster car. I may be still young but most of the time will have kids with me so if I can't put my foot down i probably won't.

I had a choice of E270 Classic with 17" twin spoke(sports susp), split seats, tracker, Cd changer , a E270Cdi Avantgarde with 17 wheels, or E270 avantgarde with high mileage with leather. I was quite in love with those 17" wheels but as a compromise the Avant std are not bad.

I needed a car with leather options and most were either avantgarde with 1/2 leather or classic with leather in the E270CDi which were worth looking at.

Then out of the blue i found a E220CDI Avant(tansite blue) with full leather pebble and Cd player, Parktronic retrofit. It was a demo and was low mileage. It was 2K less than all other cars with same spec in E220. Most of dealers couldn't believe i was offered that price. One in fact recommeded I buy the E220 instead of his E270 avantgarde since the E220 was priced better for an Avantagarde and had less miles on it.

I took his advice and bought the E220.

Now just waiting for delivery and keeping fingers crossed for stress free motoring...wish me luck.

Originally posted by adam1
...wish me luck.

Nice one mate - look forward to seeing the pics. Oh and good luck.... :D
Here are the pics:




Lovely looking car, I'll be interested in your review of the 220, I haven't see any reports on it.
Very nice Adam, enjoy.
Can't wait to take delivery of the car, guys.

Not driven a E220 but have driven a C220Cdi last year.
The dealer who was trying to sell me the E270CDi mentioned that the E220 has adequate torque for motorway driving and although he'd like me to buy his car recommended i buy the E220 for the deal I was given. He worked at Tony Purslow I think.
Thats another compliment to those guys...keep hearing some person mention how good they are...well thats what I call unbiased advice. he also recommended best types of retrofit parkatronic. The dealer where i bought the car was going to fit it for 600 plus...Took TPurslow chaps advice and saved 300 quid. I feel bad not buying the E270 from T Purslow.

Will keep u informed of any problems not that i want any of course.

Might take u up on those cool exhausts OGii.
Lools like a lovely car and it has a gorgeous colour scheme. So much nicer than the usual colour:D
I had my mind set on Silver but haven't really had a tansanite blue colour. Dealer says Mercs original classic colours were silver, tansanite blue. Not sure if he was telling the truth. I'm glad you guys think its a good combo...i was having doubts.

The guys delivering it next week and wants to take my car at same time. The dealership is 250 miles away. Any advise on how things should be done. Will i have to wait for V5 thro post. And i do have private plate on mine. I guess I'll need to have new one made again and assigned to new car( another 100 quid).

Now for performance chips....What do you guys know about Brabus tuning at Wigan. How much does it cost and how does it affect warranty.



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