pinking noise

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Peter Hill

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Mar 11, 2012
London SE8
Mercedes Benz B Class (W246)
I have a 2012 B Class W246. The diesel engine, the larger MB sourced motor makes a clattering/pinking noise particularly when it is pulling hard uphill. It sounds like a pinking noise (from when I was driving proper petrol engined vehicles)

Should I contact MB or is this normal? It goes perfectly well, it's just the tinkling noise from the engine that concerns me.

We have just completed our summer hols trip, first to Antibes (France) then back to London, then up to the Isle of Skye (Scotland) and back, about 3500 miles in all. Went very well, made 205kph (briefly), excellent car.
You need to get it checked

Sounds like an injector

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