Pioneer steering wheel adaptor for W210

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by macartm, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. macartm

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    Dec 29, 2012
    W210 E200 Elegance
    Hi everyone, new here ... and I had a question I was hoping someone could answer.

    I have a W210 (E200 Elegance automatic), X reg. Fed up of the inability of the stock Audio 10 CD unit to play CD-Rs, I recently purchased a new Pioneer head unit (DEH-X6500DAB) to replace it. I don't see fitting this as being a problem, but my problem now is, how do I get the steering wheel controls to work?

    Pioneer offer three models of adapter for Mercedes cards (CA-R.P.I 131, 132 and 133) but none specifically mention the W210 or E-class. So, I could well be out of luck there. There is the far more expensive option of the Pacific Audio SWI-PS ( Product Details | iPod Integration for your car and More by Pac-Audio - Connecting you to the future ) combined with one of their CAN-BUS units (I think it's the SWI-CAN2 I'd need for the W210 but I'd take their advice on that).

    I just wondered: Has anyone tried getting the controls on a W210 to work with a Pioneer head unit, and if so how did you do it?

    Grateful for any advice you can give - thanks :)
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    What have you been searching for? Steering wheel adapter?

    I am sure the Audio 10 for the W203 c class pre 2004 is the same as the W210.

    I think I still have oem head units for both, so I will have a look.

    This comes up in searches for pin outs for the W203 and W210, so I would guess you could use an adapter for a pre 2004 c class.


    Worse case is the pins are wrong, you would then just have to remove the can hi and lo from the oem harness and splice it into the can bus adapter, which is what yo do with the pac one.

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