Pirelli 2005 Calander..

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cant beat the rubber look ;)
Couldn't get to "grips" with it.I'm tyred now,need acupuncture. :D
So, we have Rubber to add to the Wax Fetish, then?
That's not dirty or disgusting.. it's just plain filthy!
The close ups are too... too... much

Not what I expect from a normal Pirelli Calendar, not sure what the photographer was thinking and it certainly wasn't Lord Litchfield :)
Brian WH said:
So was I to note that January the 1st is Tuesday not Saturday? :rolleyes:
...and the weekends are Sunday/Monday.
I can live with that, having every Monday off !
Bugger. Think I'll stick to Georgina Cates... (Hehe - literally (I wish :D)!)

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