Pirelli P Zero tyres about half used.

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Feb 11, 2007
Just took these off my E63

255/35/19 96Y XL MO
285/30/19 98Y XL MO

I'll get tread depths next couple of days

one of the fronts has a puncture repair

Anyone interested?

Will listen to sensible offers :)
What are the tread depths? Even wear across the tread?
I'll get pics and tread depths for Wednesday guys.

Pm me price for just the front please with pictures. I can take them....Where you based?
Sorry for the delay guys

I checked the tyres today since they were taken off as Mercedes had wrapped them up for me and one of the fronts is a gone so I won't be selling that.

The other I have taken pics off and I'm trying to upload them

They give or take all have around 3mm.

Any use to anyone?

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