Pity the poor cyclist

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You finished the car crash compilations in the end then...

Can certainly see where some get their bad perceptions about cyclists from though even though there was some skill and a lot of luck!
Yup - done all those now.
Remind me never to drive in Russia - do they have a driving test I wonder.

YT is better than telly.
Lot's of missed opportunities by car drivers to cleanse the gene pool of lunatics !
Those are the sort of idiots that get crushed between buses, then pretend that it is somebody else at fault. Mow the lot down as far as I'm concerned.
As someone who's cycled for 50 years, I'm appalled. Absolutely ridiculous behaviour.
Morons. I hope when they finally have an accident that no one else is involved.
Well they deserve to get locked up giving real cyclists a very bad name appalling display :ban:
What a bunch of ****ers! Total disregard for themselves, other road users (including other cyclists) and pedestrians. Lets hope
natural selection does its bit. :devil:

I wouldn't hesitate to punch one of those ****es in the face.
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That is utter madness - No respect for anyone around them and they would be the first to complain if they were to come off and get injured or even worse.
I cant say I'm overly surprised by the riding style. It seems quite common in London for cyclists to ride like this. Its no wonder they have a poor reputation.
^ Stupid, stupid b*stard. :mad:

It's not just in London; I regularly ride in and around Oxford city centre and there are plenty of them there too. I always stop at red lights and I've been sworn at several times by this kind of cyclist for getting in their way by doing so. They feel that they have a right to hop on and off pavements when it suits them, run red lights (at both pedestrian crossings and bigger junctions), and so on.

I saw a lad get crushed under a bin lorry because he tried to undertake it as it was turning left. Tragic outcome but it was entirely his own fault and caused by exactly this kind of cycling.
Cyclists with cameras on their helmets, (careful), seems that they look for trouble to film
Well done that man. :thumb:

I hope you're joking. Do you have any idea how much damage being hit by a car does to a human?

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