Please could someone help me identify this gearbox!!

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Apr 16, 2023
1981 Ford F250 (OM602 engine)
Hell people,

After much deliberation I've decided to buy an Nag-1 (722.6) 5spd auto box to mate to my OM602 engine, (for use in my 1981 ford F250 motorhome).
I've found one that seems promising (that was pulled from a 99' E300d) but I can't work out from the numbers found on the box exactly which version of the transmission this is.
It's my understanding that they made 3 versions of the transmission, W5A330, WSJ400 AND WSA580, which could handle 330Nm, 420Nm, 580Nm respectively?
It'd be great to know which I'm looking at!
>My om602 only produces 250Nm, so in theory any should work but it would be good to know what I'm buying anyway as I know the gear ratios differ slightly too.

The numbers on the side of the box are: R2102710901 and R1402712601

Lastly, this box was previously mated to a OM606, do I take it that I'll need to find a different bell housing for my 0M602?
Thanks in advance for your help :)
These kind of projects without fountains of information like this place would be nigh on impossible.!

Really look forward to having some Mercedes parts in my rig but these crazy part numbers I cannot get my head around!

Looking through the Mercedes EPC, I have found following gearboxes that were mated to an OM606 engine.

W124 E300D 722.435
W140 S300Turbo Diesel 722.608
W210 E300Turbo Diesel 722.608
W210 E300D 722.438
W463 G300Turbo Diesel 722.601

I would be surprised if the transmission bolted directly on to an OM602 but someone far more knowledgeable than me may know.

This may help when comparing engines and transmissions and any spare part numbers you may need.
Thank you mate!
Looking at that i suspect this one is the 722.608 from the Turbo Diesel. Good news!

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