Police Join Queue In M6 Toll Chases

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Apr 19, 2004
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Police Join Queue In M6 Toll Chases

From Auto Express

It sounds like a story from the Keystone Cops, but amazingly, police patrolling the M6 Toll have to queue up to pass through the barriers - even if they're on 999 duty.

Following our issue 838 exposé on how the Midlands motorway is seen as a place to speed, we spoke to an officer, who wanted to remain anonymous. He told us it was "embarrassing" for police to have sit in the queue for one of the manned barriers at the end of the road with their lights on and siren blaring.

A spokeswoman for Midland Expressway, which operates the private motorway, told us it wasn't aware of this. She added that all emergency services which use the M6 Toll are being issued with tags to allow them through the 'express payment' lanes.
We have ferries and also the Tamar Bridge and to my knowledge there have not been problems or delays with either.

Providing the Emergency vehicle is actually on an emergency then they simply go to the front of the queue for the ferries. (payment on some privately owned ferries can however be an 'issue' :rolleyes: )

Ahhh. So they *are* trying to catch me. ;-)

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