Polishing out cracks in wood trim

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Mar 30, 2012
E W211 220 CDI, panoramic sunroof,
I've got some fine cracks in the wood trim - "Elegance trim" - does anyone have any experience/advice/magic for making them disappear?
If you mean scratches, then perhaps they will polish out, if they are fine ones. Try something abrasive like T-cut or scratch remover.

If the lacquer has cracked, then I'm afraid it's professional refinishing or replacement.
No advice for making them disappear I am afraid but I would imagine it would be cheaper to source some other panels than completely refinish them(depending on how bad they are obviously).
thamks everyone for the responses. They are fine cracks so it looks as though my options are - pretend I've lost my peripheral vision, drive without my glasses or look for replacement panels.
Depending on the position of the cracks and your DIY skills you can rub down the lacquer with wet and dry and then repay it with an spray can, careful masking at all times.
Depending on the panel it might be easier to remove from the car first
Be wary of using cheap acrylic lacquer in rattle cans.
You will be safe with a 2 pack clear aerosol lacquer.

Will have to be sprayed flat.

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