Poor Experience by Indy.....Advice Required.

Discussion in 'Mercedes specialists across the UK' started by Imi, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. bob6600

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    Jan 3, 2013
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    ^^This. I did ask thin the first reply, still haven't seen it.
  2. Milton7

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    May 17, 2014
    We’ve all been done by rogue traders but I do hope that this forum is not used to discredit companies/ individuals with unsubstantiated allegations of wrong doing. The OP has been already been asked to produce a copy of the invoice with redactions I think it would be a good idea to leave this topic alone until we have more information.
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  3. Teego

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    Feb 2, 2018
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    We don't need OP's details. As far as I can see none of us is a forensic lawyer. It's a process thing so let OP get on with it. This is the internet, which is such a secure place to have a discussion. And on a tangent, how safe and secure will you feel when Corbo's Marxo - retards nationalise the UK network to give us free superfast?
  4. E55BOF

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    Mar 11, 2013
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    No company or individual has been discredited in any way, because we don't know the details. A look at the invoice would give us a clue to whether or not the OP has a reasonable case or not.
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  5. grober

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    One possible source of confusion might stem from the possibility that some or all of the aircon repair may have been subcontracted out to another company. Many smaller garages don't possess the necessary equipment or certificated staff to work on air conditioning systems so farm the work out? If this was the case it should be detailed on the invoice? While the cost seems excessive its possibly down to the car owner rather than the repairer to ensure the cost of any repair doesn't conflict with the market value of the car.;) Did your father get a quote before agreeing to the work to go ahead?* If the agreement to go ahead on the repair was "open ended" as they often are, :confused: without explict instructions as to a cost ceiling then its going to be difficult to argue your case.* There will be many older higher end vehicles in garages today undergoing repairs that will cost more than their market value and the garage are going to argue that in absence of instructions to the contrary they acted in good faith? *
    You are on much stronger ground where the repair was not carried out correctly as the onus is definitely on the garage to complete the work agreed/paid for.

    *playing devils advocate here you understand as I am sympathetic to anyone who finds themselves in your dad's position
  6. John

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    Mar 3, 2011
    Daan Saaf
    I wish.
    Another way to look at it is, and assuming the value of the work paid for was commensurate with the work actually done (i.e he wasn't ripped off), then as much money as that is ; if the car is his pride and joy and otherwise running well, perhaps it's not such a bad thing if it keeps it running for longer.

    He could jump out of that car, end up in something else he doesn't like and still get bills.

    Sometimes viability is not just about economics where the heart is involved.

    When I owned my W211 E55, throughout all the time I owned it, I was fully prepared to sink £4k into it should the four struts end up leaking, and it would have been OEM struts too that I would have used (I feel it is sacrilege to replace with non-air suspension).

    The car was worth £10.5k private and £6k trade so some might say it should go in the bin.

    But at the time, the car meant that much to be that I was willing to spend upwards of 40% of it's value to keep it running because it was such a great car.
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  7. Smart320

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    Feb 10, 2017
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    Agree that it can make no economic sense sometimes but depends on the car. My wife has a 3 door Rav4 Auto probably worth no more than £ 2500 - £3 000 retail ,but we would happily pay £3000 should the gearbox need replacing ( or anything else of similar cost ). Finding another good one would be very difficult as they haven't made a 3.door version since about 2005 and there is no other car that meets our specific needs at under £ 20 k.
    On top of that we both love driving it ( 3 rd one she has had ) and would miss it !
  8. Nat

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    From the off that amount "not" to fix it is proper leg lifting.

    Problem you have now if I read this correctly, is you've stated "legal letter" so the chances of them communicating with you now are slim. You either need to go flat out and start legal proceedings or let it go as they'll be expecting one of those two options, I'd imagine. Personally, if that were me in your position I'd get my sensible and calm head on and pay them a trip and go from there.
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    If the OP's dad has been swindled, that's a great shame.

    However, bear in mind, an aircon repair can be expensive.

    The evaporator was replaced by the best indie in the UK on an E-Class I had sold and it took 11.5 hours to do it properly.
    It was ice cold when I bought the car back - proper job!
    The cost at MB was circa £2400, 8 years ago, so how much would it cost today? That said, the indie didn't charge that much!

    If the full facts are unclear, care must be taken when slinging mud. It has a nasty habit of sticking, which is unfair if no wrong has been done.

    I do hope there's a satisfactory outcome.
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    OP seems to have gone, just us left babbling on. :)

    Could even be that the car went in for the aircon problem and during a health check other problems were found and repaired, rusty brake pipes, worn suspension and other bits would soon add up.

    Of course we will never know if the invoice details are never posted. ;)
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    Sep 18, 2019
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    Lol:D:) comment tickled me!
    Like we dont have any drama in our lives! Most exciting post ive been involved in all week lol:cool::confused:
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