Euro Car Parts Poor service from Eurocarparts :-(

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Dec 21, 2014
Woodstock, Oxfordshire
CLS 55 AMG, E270 CDI
Kinda disappointed.

I just ordered £160 worth of genuine Mercedes Transmission oil from Euro Car Parts via their ebay store. It was £11.40 a bottle so not exactly super cheap.

What they sent me was 14 litres of FEBI Bilstein budget oil that i can buy from eBay for £6 a bottle. I feel like i am being deliberately taken for a bit of a fool. I now have to drive all the way to Banbury to return it (it's my nearest dealer) to enable me fix the car before the weekend.

I understand people make mistakes, but it was pretty clear what i ordered.

In the interest of fairness i want to say that after driving all the way to Banbury to return the item the guys in the store were really accommodating in my return and refunded by card.

I explained to them that the oil wasn't on the approved mercedes list of oils and they looked it up themselves and agreed it's not what i ordered. They say they sell it to people all the time for Mercedes transmissions - probably why so many of them have issues.

It may be the right spec but it's not the right stuff and we all know how bloody sensitive 722.6 gearboxes are to oil quality.

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