Porsche 991 GT3 RS on road and track - Chris Harris on Cars

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Let's hope they don't use this dealer for body repairs

Watched it earlier. Massively impressed by it! My close friend has a slot for one of the first gen2 991 rs's as he has a gen 2 997.

I personally feel the 21" rear wheels are too big and make it looked jacked up at the rear. I don't like the turbo style air vents in the quarter panel or the PDK being the only option. However, what an amazing car in terms of all round performance, the new benchmark for sure.
Oh dear...
By not having a manual option, Porsche has raised the desirability of the best manual 911's to iconic levels and prices will continue to rise. Me? I don't think I could ever bring myself to have a non manual sports car. That said, there's no doubt the new 918 GT3 RS is spectacular.

The only sportscar I have aspirations to own someday is a GT3 RS. No way it would be a PDK though.

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