Post 2000 cars on Bio.

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Sep 2, 2008
E300DT-W210-1997-Elegance-Azurite Metalic Blue. (Don't mention the rust, LOL) Running on WVO. 65k m
A member of another forum is asking which of the modernish Mercs, I guess post 2000, will run on a high % of Biodiesel?

And no one say a diesel one, I thank you. :)
Depends what you mean by biodiesel. Is this used chip fat or similar, full on biodiesel or industry accepted biofuel such as B20 which is 20% FAME...........?

Most manufacturers aren't happy about running anything that doesn't meet EN590 euro diesel spec (which contains up to 5% bio fuel). I will admit that as a newbie to the marque I don't know enough about MB's but do know a little bit about fuel quality - it's a part of my job but don't tell my boss I bluff my way through things.... :D

Pure vegetable oil and pure FAME (the bio bit of bio fuel) - yes they are two different things and frequently confused for each other tend to destroy seals and also don't have wonderful cold properties either. Just ask Cleveland USA city transport chiefs!

Someone else will no doubt add a word or two of wisdom to this drivel but I personally would not use anything other than EN standard fuel in a modern diesel engine. Manufacturers spend many millions of dollars testing their engines against various local fuels and they do that for a very good reason..... It's a risk balance of cheaper fuel against possible rebuild costs at the end of the day and ultimately your decision

Hope that helps a bit

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