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Mar 31, 2011
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Can someone tell me how to upload photos from iPad or PC, all I can see is URL, I've no idea how to do it from JPEG.
Upload your pics to a host site e.g. Photobucket then copy the link across from there.
Photobucket don't have an iPad app but their iPhone app works quite well on iPad.
I used to use Picasa, but since it changed to "Google Photos" it doesn't seem to work as well for photo sharing.


In theory click on the "share" icon, then "get link" and post that in to the URL box when prompted here.

...and there's no image displayed above? - I can see the URL when I edit this post, but no picture.
Or just create a miscellaneous folder on here and upload to that

To avoid opening another application, just create a miscellaneous photo folder under your userid on here (look at top right hand corner of this page) and upload your jpeg into that.

From there you will have a URL'd photo that you can then drop into a posting.
Last time I tried to upload anything to this site, it told me all my images are over-sized.

(Hence my gallery is empty.)

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