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Nov 8, 2023
Nothing as yet.....
Hi All,

Im just in the market for a new car having sold my BMW 5 series. Currently without a car but i have made my mind up i'm going to get Merc E350 v6 diesel, circa 2010 - 2013 price dependent.

I just wanted to join to view posts and get acquainted. I have been looking at posts from people asking about the E350s so i'm going to read a few more of those posts.

I have some questions about the different engines 230/260bhp ones as from reading it is a bit confusing but hoping a post somewhere will help me out.

I have never owned a Merc before so hoping to spend some time in here and get acquainted. I'm hoping an E350 Merc will look after me as i will it!


Hello and welcome .

Does it have to be a Diesel ?
Hi Pete, it doesn't have to be. My car won't really move for 2 weeks but every 2 weeks i do a 200 mile round trip, twice in 3 days. This was my only thought for a diesel but im open to anything really. Being reliable and comfortable on long drives are my only requirements.
Greetings and welcome to the group - Good choice!
I do not have one so cannot comment, but looking after your MB will reap rewards
Don't forget (I'm sure you haven't!) that it will not be ULEZ compatible....and you don't live far from Birmingham city centre where that matters.......
Thanks for the welcome. Yes that is a very good point on ULEZ but i don't drive into the city and we have another car as an option so not much of a concern for me.

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