Power for puddle lights in the mirrors-R172

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Hi all
Our 2014 R172 doesn't have the interior lighting package so the already present LED puddle lights under the door mirrors won't light up.
I have traced the wires from the light to the door panel and have extended it bring it into the car, applied 12v and hey presto, nice white light!!
I was planning to wire it into the interior light in the overhead panel by the sunglasses holder, but having taken that apart today the only place I can see I can pick up the power is from a PCB mounted SMD LED. This is obviously not going to be 12v that the mirror LEDs require and TBH it was really fiddle just getting to it.
So ideally I want the mirror lights to behave just like the interior light, IE: Come on when the car is unlocked via the remote. Any idea where I can pick up 12 volts for this that goes live when the car is unlocked?
Are they already wired to the door control module ? If they are, its coding to make them work, and if we turn on interior lighting pack you can then start wiring other nice lights in ..

Thanks for the reply Richard. From the LED in the mirror housing it is wired to a box behind the door card with several multi plugs/sockets, which then all feeds through the corrugated cable conduit into the car. Is the box I describe the door control module? If so, what do you charge to code this to work?
Yes, that's the door control module. To make it work a bunch of coding is needed, and then you can add other lights although some need wiring to front SAM

IF u email Alfie on [email protected] he can quote - mention you are a forum member

That's great. Thanks for your help. Just one last thing-for just the puddle lights, will I need the extra wiring to the front SAM? Or just the coding?
No extra wiring for puddle lights, they are controlled by the door controllers


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