Power Steering & ERG valve


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Sep 12, 2010
E220 CDI 2002 W210 Auto
Dear All

I have to fix a couple of problems with my car.
The Power Steering reservoir is leaking and the car is generally sluggish but does leave a smoke cloud when it decides to go.

Looking at other posts it seems the ERG valve might be coked up and in need of a clean.
The MAF got changed a year ago but again it might need a clean.

The Power Steering Bottle looks to be leaking from underneath
I have a bottle to replace it with
It looks to me if I do the ERG at the same time it will give me better access to the pipes to the power steering.

My question is how does the large rubber hose to the ERG body attach?
There looks to be a large wire clip but I don't want to knacker it taking it off the wrong way.

Any suggestions will be appreciated



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