Power Steering Issue...Mercedes ML 270 Cdi W163) Auto 2002

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Apr 3, 2017
Mercedes Benz ML 270 CDI Auto 2002
Hi, I am having issues with my “Power Steering”, which has abruptly stopped working all of a sudden, without having any previous problems in the past etc.
I have a Mercedes Benz ML270 Cdi (W163) Auto 2002 model.
I am based here in the Greater Manchester area of the UK.
As I started my car up on this very cold morning (temperature was [minus] -3 degrees), and as I tried to drive it away, I discovered the POWER STEERING was not working !
So, firstly.... “What could be the fault” ?
, and secondly..... “What would have caused” this ?
I would really appreciate any response from you guys, as the vehicle is now not drive-able…:confused:
Don't post in multiple areas. It makes it difficult for others and yourself to follow answers.

Have you checked the fluid level in the reservoir?

Either your pump has failed, the driver belt has detached (other items such as the alternator would not work) or there is a leak somewhere.
Generally not the best idea to make the same post in different sections, not least because your answers will be spread across the two threads. Most people use the 'new posts' functionality so it's not really necessary for visibility.

Your issue could be a number of things - loss of fluid caused by a cracked pipe exacerbated by the cold, seized pump... Have you checked for loss of fluid?

EDIT: By the time I typed and posted that DSM10000 had posted pretty much the same thing, so apologies for the repetition!
yes I understand, but I could not locate on your site under which section "Power Steering" is covered ?

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