power steering problem

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Mar 11, 2024
58 plate clc200 cdi
hi all i have a 2008 clc200 cdi with power steering problem iv had a new rack fitted and new pump but still no joy it try's to work when you turn left or right it jerks there is plenty fluid and its been bled the ESP light comes on will that have anything to do with it ?any help please
Problem with the inner and outer tie rods where they meet the hub with their ball joints being worn ?
Or the control arm ball joints not moving correctly?
If you jack the front of the car up does it work with less pressure on everything?
Hello and welcome .

If you have had a new rack fitted it would also have new inner tie bars fitted (they are cheap) I have just replaced mine , installed new gaiters (all Lemforder) , the rack was fine but I removed all of the grease that I could get to and replaced it = super smooth. It should look something like mine shown here.

Who supplied the rack ?

front rack.jpg
I thought a new rack would heve come fitted with new tie rods any way
My point exactly . The new rack would have been complete with inner tie rods and gaiters , a pretty straightforward job for any mechanic hence me asking OP where the rack came from.

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