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Discussion in 'Detailing' started by Slugsy, Nov 10, 2018.

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    Oct 17, 2018
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    E63S AMG
    Hi all

    1,000 miles in and absolutely loving my E63S Estate, just seems to be getting better by the day!

    I’ve been faffing/deliberating about paint protection and finally decided to bite the bullet and get Xpel Stealth for the whole car.

    Becuase it’s leased I wanted to check with the dealer that it was ok and he confirmed it was fine but suggested I don’t get Xpel Stealth and that I get the following product instead:

    Car Paint Protection Coating PPF, Clear Protection Film - Ngenco - Ngenco

    I’ve got a brilliant quote from a local approved Xpel installer who will do the whole car plus a ceramic coat on top for £3.5k plus VAT.

    But the dealers recommendation quote for the ngenco is £5k plus VAT.

    His rationale was as follows:

    ”Xpel Stealth vinyl wrap ( the quote you have below ) is a cut template, this can be a milometer out from the edges which is then prone to chips/scratches and in time a visible dirty edge.

    NGenco product is a spray on product rather than a wrap the benefits of the spray is that there will be no joins and no crease marks on the corners/edges, there are no cuts or tears, no stress marks, no glue residues and no UV yellowing and fading.- the reason it is more expensive is the time it can take”

    Has anyone come across this product before? Is it any good? Any thoughts on which one I should go for?

    I know many people that have got Xpel on their cars, should I be worried about what he says above?

    All input would be greatly appreciated!

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