Pranged my W203 C Class

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Mike Walker

MB Enthusiast
Jul 9, 2008
North Kent
Mercedes W204 C220cdi Estate Ford Fiesta Mk 4
Reversed into a door whilst on holiday in France and scuffed the rear bumper and pushed it out from the body as well:wallbash:

Got back last weekend and decided to remove various dead insects, sand, Autoroute dirt etc etc and noticed a crease in the passenger door at low level that wasn't there before:doh:

Just to add insult to injury I also need a new bonnet grille where the windscreen wipers are located as that has cracked in 3 places :mad:

I have previous experience of Tonbridge Coachworks who repaired the rust on my rear wheel arches some time ago at no cost to me:bannana:. Thanks Mercedes - however they are very very expensive.

So I need to find someone in North Kent /South London who can do what I need to a reasonable standard and at a reasonable cost.

All suggestions appreciated ;)
Really sorry to hear this:( Steve at maidstone has someone he uses who seems to do a good job.....
Was about to give Steve a call but suggestion much appreciated.

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