Pre purchase inspection recommendations?

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Dec 27, 2022
It will be a for 2016-2017 C Class

Despite it being on the lower price side, I assume still worth doing a PPI...I also imagine these cars are fairly 'bullet proof'

Do people have any recommendations for good services they have used? RAC quoting £280+ AA is around £200 for their comprehensives.

More just a check so that anything that is glaringly obvious can be rectified before receive the car, espeically if car dealer is 100 miles away.
Terry at Wayne Gates in Harrow can do a pre-purchase inspection for you, but obviously you'll need to get the car to him.

Ideally someone with MB STAR will scan the car for any current and historic fault codes.

Also, avoid the Diesels, they will have the AdBlue system which is fraught with issues that are expensive to fix.

And avoid the Hybrids, these will be early models with very expensive HT batteries.

The C200 will have the 2.0L M274 Turbo petrol engine, which is a good engine and does not have many typical issues.

The V6 petrol variants are also good but more rare.

Good luck with your search.

That's a really good question!

I wonder if all inspections are performed similarly.

I had an inspection before I purchased my used GLA from a private seller. It was the comprehensive option from click mechanic.

The mechanic appeared well qualified and knew what he was talking about.

The inspection took about half hour round the car and odb scanned plus a road test then made an approx 183 point tick box report with a few photographs of the car and scan results. The road test was not long enough to really warm up the car.

The tick box report was categorising what was working and what was not.

I felt that it was only really useful if you don't have time, or really don't know even the basics.

Most of the items in the report you could check yourself if they are working or not.

The value that I was looking for was a thorough check to identify any potential failing or really worn out items by looking intently and listening for noises or odd behaviours signifying impending failure in engine, steering, suspension or transmission.

I felt that it would be more useful, if you already know your way around a car and have the time, would be to do most checks yourself and take/send a mechanic and give them a specific list of danger/difficult items to check for. E.g excessive carbon build up, odd noises, smoothness/harshness or excessive play in the various areas, check under the car for splits/leaks, etc. Also, at least take it for a drive long enough to warm up the engine properly.

That was my thoughts and experience... Hope it helps... Good luck in your search 🙂

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