Pressing in W124 estate rear bearings & hubs

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  1. MB-tex

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    May 5, 2010
    Brighton UK
    1996 E280 estate.
    I need advice with installing bearings into 124 estate rear hubs. All parts ready on the bench.

    Do I press in the bearings into the hub carrier then the hub into the installed bearing? This seems the logical way to do it but just wanted to check before I started...

    The hub carrier is off the car in a vice. Is there any advice out there on pressing in the hub? Looks like a difficult job, keeping it straight as it goes in.

    My rear subframe renewal has turned into a massive money pit - anyone out there with a 124 estate beware! Almost everything I took off was knackered or seized and needed replacing. I have learned a lesson. Not sure what it is but it is from one of the following: Don't fall in love with a car if you are skint, All cars, even w124s wear out and fixing old cars ain't cheap.
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