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God there's some retards out there isn't there ? :crazy:
Oh how i wish NOT to catch some one doing that to my car :devil:
Honorary Darwin award for the man......
What was he playing at for all that time - looked like he was trying to get the stray loose change from down the side of the seats.:D
What a waste of time and public funds. Surely the Police should be out there catching motorists for doing 30.1mph ..
Only in Bristol.....

Must forward this to our workshop manager, I know what he'll say 'Mint' lol

He is very Bristol, we even bought a Bristolian-English dictionary a few years ago......

But we love him!

Where is Carrotchomper when you need him.....?
Reminds me of one Friday afternoon at school, during a dull lesson I decided to make a giant A3 size paper-aeroplane and chuck it out of the top floor window (4 stories up).

After we all watched it fly off around the school grounds like Concord, we all sat down and carried on with the dire lesson.

10 mins later the Headteacher came into the class holding my Concord. He asked if there was a Karl Edwards in the class, I stand up puzzled as to how he knew it was me, it turns out that I had written my name on the back of it... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

2 Hour detention on a Friday afternoon, great
I quite like the idea of a Police Superintendent called "Wylie".


Moreover, makes you wonder how often this tactic is used by Police - not something that gets much publicity...
I have nothing to say:D except, in the area where this happened, the police have to put up signs telling people there are covert cars in the area, but, as he could not read the sign, I guess that was why he was caught.
I once had dealings with an etremely nasty person and on his forehead he had tattooed the words

Skins Cack

This young man was not the brightest of folks and when I asked what the words meant, he laughed and said he couldn't spell and he meant.....


I guess cack is a four letter word and during my dealings with this person most of the words that left his lips were no longer than four letters.

Some members of this forum give far to much credence to criminals. The great majority will spend five or six hours stealing a safe which will contain NOTHING of any value, or they break a £1000 plate glass window to steal goods worth less than £100

I have never been surprised at just how thick the average criminal is and sadly they are usually the ones that get caught.


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