Private number plate for C63 AMG

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Model-specific plates have a finite lifetime too. I remember when I had a couple of MK2 Astra GTE 16Vs and "GTE 16V" was £4k even in the mid nineties.

Can't imagine it is worth a great deal if anything now.

I'd rather spend £26k on a C63 than a plate!

Exactly. It will be worthless in 10 years time when new AMGs have a max of 4 cylinders and half a tonne of batteries in the boot.

Oh, I dunno, I reckon 250 SWB and 300 SL might have done alright :D
Was tempted to bid on CL65AMG when it was auctioned by dvla recently, but of course you couldn't put it on a CL65. Would have put it on something else just for the fun of watching the sneers. Price got a bit silly though.
I bet it wasn't won by anyone with a CL65, or indeed, probably with any Mercedes. It seems to me that the higher-priced end of the reg plate market is mostly an enormous bubble, and I really, really hope it bursts soon.

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