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Jul 15, 2008
Hi everyone,as per title needed for patio clean,car wash ect.So many models don't know which to go for...
If you have a large patio? Rent a machine. The bigger the better.

For car cleaning: Karcher or Nilfisk. Beware both double up as paint strippers. The smallest chip in paint will blow open under water pressure. It will also lift under seal and waxoyl.

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Nilfisk P150-2.10 X. LINK.

We have had ours for around 5-6 years now and it's a great machine.
I have a lot of experience with pressure washers large and small, and just a hose replaced on this machine, under warranty and free of charge.
The turbo lance is superb for heavy duty cleaning, just be careful and hold a sensible distance form bodywork - you'll soon get the hang of things.

No cheapo failure-prone ceramic pump either. Aluminium with brass head.

A great heavy-duty machine that keeps on truckin' and does an excellent job. You won't be disappointed. :thumb:
I bought a Kärcher about 8 years ago and probably only used it 20 times. A plastic flow switch failed that would have cost £70 to fix. Needless to say I didn't buy another. I got an Aldi Toolzone from an auction cheap, and it's actually ok. A bit flimsy but does the job nicely. If I was buying new though I agree with Ringway. I like Nilfisk products and if it's anything like their vacuum cleaners it will be quiet as well.
I am also led to believe that Nilfisk accessories are less cost to buy than Karcher and that there more tools available?. You can get adapters that take you from one machine to the other. But if pushed today, I would probably go with the Nilfisk.

What I really wanted for my Karcher was a flexible nozzle attachment that would get above the wheels and under the inside of the arches. I see that Nilfisk do one but have no idea how good it is?

The cost to adapt my Karcher to take the Nilfisk flexible adapter makes it not worth while.

My comment regards renting for the patio is based on personal experience. A small car wash pressure washer will only clean one brick at a time. A big professional machine will (petrol) will clean in a big sweep. These can be lethal. They will strip skin from hands and remove any loose debris (cement, pebbles etc) from the patio. I usually rent for a weekend then split the cost and time with a neighbour.
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I have the previous version K4 premium. Came with the patio cleaner which is great as it stops all the splashing and dirt kicking up.

More than enough power and you can find some pre-power control models cheap

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