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Nov 22, 2008
Leeds, West Yorkshire
E280CDI SPORTS ESTATE and C200 KOMPRESSOR SE Coupe Auto (1.8 lit petrol)
I had a frightening experience after driving the E280 Estate thru flood-water this week.
I went ever so slowly.
No water came into the car and I reckon the wheels were about half-covered.
All appeared well.
Next time I started the car, the SRS - Restraint warning came on.
I pressed the reset button and turned it off.
Shortly afterwards it came on again.
The reset button turned it off.

This happened a couple of times.
Each time I reset it with the reset button.
Now the problem seems to have corrected itself.
Each time I start the car, I hold my breath.
....... Thoughts anyone ?
Water halfway up the WHEELS would imply the sills were possibly covered these may contain Wiring or Sensors for the side airbags which may go some way to explaining the SRS warning light coming on -----Hopefully these are now dry again. Driving a modern Mercedes laden with electronics through water is asking for trouble
Get the car scanned with iCarsoft (or STAR, if you have acces to one), it will show which component of the SRS system caused the warning. It will be logged as a 'stored' fault.
Thanks grober
Thanks markjay
Hopefully things have dried out and the problem won't recur.

Christmas 2015, in this same car, I was driving South from Kendal down the A6 after horrendous rain and flooding.
Several times in the dark I hit floods with water pouring over the screen and the roof of the car.
Quite alarming actually.
I was afraid that the car would fail - The experience was many times worse than this week's slow-speed wash.
On that occasion, there were no issues.

I only have a very elementary scanner - Certainly not good enough to diagnose SRS.
I'll see if I can get a "proper" scan
Thanks guys.

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