Problem with an online parts order

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If we are talking about dronsfields, they arent actually that bad anymore... I use them regularly when nick or mercman dont have what im after and they have been very good of late.

Dronsdfields. As jay said. They helped me out big time recently with a complete engine delivered in 24 hours and at a good price.

I just bought a boot lock from them which took a week+ to get delivered. Turned up incomplete (useless). Now they are not replying to my mails or telephone calls. They do answer the phone and they do take my number, and they do say they are "looking into it" They have been looking into it it for a week now with no further update.

I have managed to take their broken lock and my broken lock and make up one useable lock (not great as I had to effect a repair with some plastic parts that I made up (these were missing from the lock they sent me).

I am a big supporter of theirs on here and this is the first time I have had any issue with them. I have found them friendly and easy to do business with. Maybe my stuff is low value to them (not to me) but a 2 minute phone call to me after me making several to them??

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