programing remote fobs

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Jul 13, 2006
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Hi all,
new boy here with a question that may have been answered elsewhere, which is..
I want a second remote/key/fob for my e220 cdi (210) MB dealers want over £150 for a new one, but a well known aucton site has plenty of second hand ones for sale most claim it is possible to re program the key to your car. Is this true?:confused: and if it is can I do it at home or does an electronics geezer have to do it.

The keys have to be ordered from MB already coded. An existing key can be removed from the active keys but I don't think a new one can be added without ordering it specifically.
i have also seen this on ebay but i pretty sure a key from some one elses car will not or can not be "re-coded" to work on your car unless maybe some one has some kind of super software that erases and reprogrammes keys but i have never heard of anything like that, not even mercedes can do that
Thanks guys,:) guessed as much, just have to save up and buy one :eek:

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