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    Not as exciting as the title may suggest but my father in law (FIL) and I started insulating the garage acoustically and thermally today. It will reduce the sound of my son playing his drums but won't eliminate it. He will however be a bit warmer as it is an old garage separated from the house.

    We are using rockwool and 70mm insulating board which has been fun to fit so far. We have completed 2 walls and a third of the roof. Even if it doesn't do a great deal it has taken my father in laws mind of the first new years eve without his wife.

    Tomorrow we will be doing the remaining walls and most of the roof. I have plans for a living roof sometime in the future so we are fitting steel supports to brace the structure.

    Luckily for me FIL used to own a steel company which he still has interests in so the rockwool board and steel is coming at cost.

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