Projector advice (for a kids room)

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    Mar 15, 2007

    We have converted the garage into a playroom for the kids and resently at work I have been able to aquire a pull down screen.

    This should fit neatly at what would have been the garage door end and when not pulled down will be out of sight (ish).

    I now need a projector and was going to wall mount this as the back end of the garage is a stud wall with a small study with PC in on the other can connect the projector to this to play kids films etc.

    What do I need projector wise. I'm not even looking at new ones if I could pick up a cheap ebay special (yes I know bulbs are pricey..) however just to play pepa pig and barbie etc it does not have to be full HD I guess?

    Any advice?


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