Pure Highway, The best £70 I have spent on a car.

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by rlowy, Nov 9, 2008.

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    Just spent the best £70 I ever have on a car!

    I am a dedicated Radio 5 Live user and therefore stuck with pre war medium wave and reception either moderate to poor during the day or chronic after sundown unless you're located anywhere other than under the transmitting mast!

    I hate anything fitted to my car that's not factory fitted and don’t like windscreen mounted devices so had been resigned to live with the dilemma until I read that The Pure Highway DAB unit works through an Auxiliary socket and the lead from unit to socket works as the ariel.

    ...and work it does brilliantly. Radio 5 Live (and other AM stations) now in FM clarity via the AUX button, all enclosed out of sight in the glove box. It works on battery but with a power lead threaded carefully to the glove box from behind the dashboard the unit switches on and off with the ignition.

    The Highway comes with a screen mounted ariel as well and with this connected and laid in the glove box the reception is even better. Perfect for haters of non factory stuff.

    If you like Medium wave and change stations then this may not be ideal but the unit does sit upright in the compartment ahead of the gear lever in a W211. However for single MW station user as me it’s highly recommended.

    Via this thread can I ask the experts at Comand Online if this unit could be operated like an IPod so stations are visible in the dashboard display and other than volume which works now, can it be worked through the steering wheel controls?



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