Putting the feelers out for a CLS 63 S Shooting Brake Facelift


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Dec 11, 2019
CLS 350 SB, TVR Tuscan
You might have seen my other post about trading my CLS 350 for a 63. Well I've sold the 350 and while I'm still waiting for the buyer to collect when they are able to, and I'm still trying to sell my TVR, I don't want to be without a car for too long so putting out feelers for anyone who might be looking to sell a 63 or know anyone who might.

I'm looking for an early facelift model as my budget is not massive for the initial purchase. Ideally I'd like one that's not white but I would consider it. I'm ideally looking for the following spec

Keyless Go
360 Cam
Driving Assistance Packages (Could compromise on this)
Dynamic Seats
Cooled seats (again, could compromise)
Premium Sound

I believe a lot of tech was standard but obviously the higher the spec the better!

I've seen one or two of this age go for sub £30k recently. I could probably stretch to around £32k depending on what I get for my TVR. But would like to see what's out there that anyone might be looking to sell.

Any pointers would be great.

@Nito I'd love to buy yours, it's perfect, but way above my budget!
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