Query on Command Error code

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Sep 7, 2015
West Midlands
GLE350d (W166)
One for the more technically minded.

Apart from recent issues not connecting to my phone (Google Pixel 3) but connecting to both wife's Pixel 2 and an old iPhone the Command unit has shown no issues or errors in everyday operation. I seem to have fixed the issue connecting to my phone by deleting both mine and wife's phone and repairing only mine.

What's thoughts on these error codes & should I be concerned about the second code - B238A00 - Fan 2 of the control unit has a malfunction?

I still have a few weeks of warranty remaining under the Mercedes-Benz Approved Used scheme.

Command Error.jpg
Well if one if the fans isn't working then the unit might overheat.

Unless there's a WIS document that says that this error message can be ignored, the dealer will have to supply a new HU under warranty.

That said, I don't think that the potential overheating issue is related to the non-workind Pixel 3 connection.
Just noticed the fan failure is a stored code - have you trued erasing it?

Also, is your NTG4.5 unit using the latest firmware?
Many thanks for your response, much appreciated.

I cant see how to access the firmware version of the Command unit - any ideas how to do this?

The Star report was generated on recent service so I don't know if the code was erased or not.

Looking at the code more closely (for the fan error) can I check that I've read this correctly - used to work around IT so pays to ask the obvious...

  • The error first occurred at 76,736Km
  • Last occurrence was at 84,486Km
  • In total the error has been reported 68 times
  • Number of ignition/command switch on cycles since last occurrence (10) seems self explanatory - I've switched the Command unit on 10 times since the fault was last reported.

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