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Dec 14, 2004
Right, here is a question I thought about for no apparent reason ages ago and still don't know the answer.....
....Your playing a game of Pool and break off into a new pack of balls. Then if you re-racked the balls and left them on the exact same spot as before and broke off from the exact same position and hit the cue ball in the same precise location at the exact speed as the first break, (ie every single detail was replicated from the 1st break) would the resulting split leave all the balls in exactly the same positions as the first break? If not, why not??
If you could duplicate absolutely everything down to the last micron then yes the result would be the same but even the slightest discrepancy on any of the variables would change the outcome.

You are not alone wondering about such problems - a couple of years back I set up a physical simulation using 3D software to test the pool/snooker ball theory taking in every variable I could imagine including atmospheric pressure.

So, it's possible but unlikely to happen in the real world - a spec of dust may fall on the table in between breaks :)


chaos theory....

infintesimal change at beginning = large chage at end. one ball 1 microm different place at start = different ball in pocket.
plus taking into account effect of 7 pints of stella from frame 1 to 10, and the fact you are also looking over then end of the table to the next table at the girl bending over to play her shot
As said, theoretical physics says yes, practical physics says no. There are just too many variables, most of which could be overcome, except one basic law, that of Sod :D :D :D

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