"quick and dirty" rust "repair"

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Feb 22, 2004
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I know it's impossible to get rid of rust from body panels.

However, is there anything you can do to delay the inevitable?

Don't want to send to bodyshop or to spend too much time or money dealing with affected areas.

Just want something to paint on from time to time .. not bothered about colour matching to body (as I can spray over the rust treatment with original MB paint).

Suggestions and comments most welcomed.

You can slow it down but just about impossible to get rid completely without cutting section out or replacing the panel.

To slow it down grind or rub down the affected area to bare metal - paint over with a rust "converter" such as Kurust, prime, flat back with 1000 w+d, re-prime, re-flat, top coat, flat with 1500 or 2000 to blend in, lacquer and if necessary re-flat with 2000 and polish. Small areas are best brushed, spraying could make a small bubble into a large repair area.
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Many years ago, I was told by a used car dealer the best way is to shove a bit of Vaseline into rusty stone chips or on top of rusty areas, to stop the rust getting worse.

I don't know how good this advice was, especially considering the source, so don't take my word for it.
My father in law had his wheel arches rubbed down and painted with POR 15 then sprayed over a year ago and no sign of the rust returning yet. The only issue the repair guy had was the time it took the POR 15 to dry so it took longer then he expected. The was done by a mobile repair person.


Can you say to mobile rust repairers to use POR-15 or was he specifically using this stuff?

I bought some POR-15.

Rubbed down all loose rust and paint on all 4 wheel arches, some spots on the bottom edge of the bonnet, some on the tailgate.

Applied 5 coats of POR15, 3 coats of MB spray azurite blue and 4 coats of MB spray lacqeur.

Took a while.

Looks OK, if unprofessional.

Hope it lasts, and does not re rust.
I did my rear arches just after I got my current car & touch wood they appear to still be rust free. I dont expect it to stay like that forever but just over 2 years is fine by me :)

The trick is to take your time (2 or 3 days) get it down to the bare metal and remove the black spots.
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As a really quick & dirty you can just use Hammerite.

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