Quiet please grand prix final starting

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Jan 14, 2011
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I hope Louis wins the race as for title I think Alonso has earned it more

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Oh dear...Vettel damaged...Alonso in top three...before end of first lap.
Vettel is driving his socks off

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What a race looks like the race isint over yet as the rain is poring down now 10 laps too go

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Vettel has it pity for paul dir

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Yes, totally! But three points must be a choker for Alonso!
Vettel did a great race showed some spirit I wish he only did that all the time

Great win for him

Pity for Lewis but 2014 will be his year

Micheal shu drove well let vettel pass nicely ending a great career

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I agree also, but not sure about LH doing well in 2014...
Yes 2014 will be the year Mercedes silver arrows back on top

Fingers crossed

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Certainly an eventful end to the season, not sure it does much for my nerves though :D Pleased Vettel won, I think he deserved it especially after the early disaster, however Alonso has also driven exceptionally well this year, both excellent drivers, Here's to 2013

I shall miss Jake's presentation next year, I wonder who his replacement is.
Can't believe I missed it. Hate working on a Sunday. :(

Anyway well done Vettel, another deserved F1 Championship. :thumb:
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I agree also, but not sure about LH doing well in 2014...

I wonder if Alonso or Vettel would have made the move to Mercedes from Mclaren based on the same information and financial incentives ....
Both Vettel & Alonso had good claim on the 2012 title, but on their performance this year Alonso was probably more deserving having had to work with inferior machinery. Nevertheless, congrats to SV and Red Bull.

I genuinely wonder how much of Hamilton's bad luck is home grown. Perhaps a more complete driver (such as Alonso or Button?) would have backed off sooner so they could watch Hulkenberg overcook it without being collected in the process?

Button once again showed that he fully understands the maxim that you have to be in the race at the end to win it. And he did that twice in the same race.
I like the way Button avoided the question from Piquet about "being glad to be rid of Hamilton"! But, I'm sure he is! :D

By the way, I hear from rumours that Lee McKenzie might replace Jake.. :thumb:

That's assuming BBC are screening races next year of course....

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