R107 axle shaft cv boots

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Oct 21, 2023
Hi , I'm replacing the cv boots on my SL 450 ,seams they have oil and not grease in them as standard? What grade of oil is used??? Anyone have an answer
Hi, thanks for your reply , yes I saw that thread which prompted me to ask the question what spec of oil is used??? Is it the same as used within the diff?
I think the jury's still out on whether there should be any oil in there at all.
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I have discovered the quantity of oil is 250ml in each ( as the Mercedes service manual calls it) protective cup , unfortunately it doesn't specify the oil grade to be used
Yes, I'm beginning to think I should have done this before shelling out for boot kits.....oh well
Yes indeed thank you for that, I have since discovered ( 30mins ago) it's 250ml of EP90. Appreciate the pointer
I ended up just buying aftermarket axles and fitting them, they were not expensive.
Interesting. What make? How much?

When we did the back end of my 124 coupé we replaced the boots and filled them with grease supplied by SKF. Grease came out, grease went back. This on the original 30 year old axles.

I did consider new axles but 1300€ each from MB was no go. I recall seeing aftermarket examples starting at about 120€, such as this:

But having never heard of Point Gear I listened to my man who said the old ones look fine with no play. All seems well.

So, what aftermarket axles have others had?

Best to all.

I purchased these ones, however similar are also available from Autodoc or the SLSHOP.

I had planned to refurbish my original axles as the boots were just cracked and not split, but 11 years later they are still sitting in a dark corner of the shed gathering dust.


This on the original 30 year old axles.

Forget to mention that all this was in August at just under half a million Kms.

The only issue is a slight whine at 80 Kph (50 mph) from the diff. Been there for ages. Under 50, above 50 no problem. The only problem is that the limit on most of our local roads is 50 so it whines most of the time!!!!


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