R107 front wing removal

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Oct 21, 2023
Hi all, I am in the process of restoring the front end of my 450Sl, and want to remove the front wings, however the two bolts joining it to the A post are partially hidden by the door, the heads are visible of course, but you can't get a spanner on and as for a socket forget it, do you have to take off the door? Loosen the check strap or......
Thanks in advance
I had a similar issue when removing wing from w211. We used a flexi extension to get it to bend just enough to get onto the nut. This is all while holding the door slightly open.

No it's fiddly but no need to take door off just use as suggested extension I just replaced wing in my sl500 guess it's the same
Might you get a ratchet spanner in ?

I recall with W123 , W124 , W126 doors it was a fiddle getting in with a small socket on a 1/4" extension bar , but 'just' possible with the door fully open ; another option , rather than removing the door might be to undo the check strap if you just need the door to open that little bit further than normal ?
I also have these Halfords ratchet spanners , which hinge at one end , might be helpful , think you can buy them individually .

I note that you've already done it but, if not already aware, a crowsfoot wrench/socket can sometimes be useful for difficult-to-reach fixings. Not always, just sometimes ;).

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