R12 R24 Air Conditioning Specialist: Intocool in Essex

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Oct 20, 2008
I've been posting detailed progress about my W123 OEM restoration on Peach Parts

I purchased my '84 300D knowing that the AC wasn't working. It hadn't worked in 5 years or more, around when R12 became impossible to procure. So naturally, when I pulled into Intocool's vehicle bay this morning, I was concerned that I would need to spend a lot of money to rebuild the ac system before using R24 gas (which they supply) to re-gas it.

Chris got straight to work. He expressed subtle admiration for my car and explained how he loved working on cars that were made well. He began systematically testing all the electrical components first, then checked for leaks, using a process of elimination. He stopped when he examined the compressor's seized clutch. Instead of removing it, he used penetrant and his own effort to free the clutch and was successful. A few minutes later, he vacuumed the system and filled it with R24 gas. The vent temperature reached 5 degrees C very quickly, working like it was new. I paid for an honest hour's labour and the gas and was on my way home in 3 hours.

I really admired Chris's systematic approach in testing and eliminating possible problems first. He knows his AC systems really well and I couldn't possibly have asked for a better outcome or experience. Its hard to find honest, talented technicians and so, I highly recommend Intocool!
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Glad you got it sorted....it was me that recommended into cool to you on peach parts...:thumb:

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