R129 1994 Rear Light Cluster Interior boot Panels

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Dec 13, 2015
Esher, Surrey
Mercedes SL 280 R129
Anyone had issues with this. The rear cluster interior panels that gives access to the bulbs are constantly swinging open. Have tried gaffer tape but it looks naff and leaves a mark. Have tried strong Velcro but when its warm the sticky bit softens and comes loose. :wallbash:

Am loathe to start fixing screws in, would be grateful if anyone has experienced this and may have a solution.
...my '95 SL does the same, give it a decent push and you should here it click into place? Having looked at the catch it is rather flimsy...
If all else fails you could use those tiny rare earth magnets glued into position (can be as little as 2p each) or some have threaded studs and can be bolted on. Incredibly powerful for their size and fairly discreet.
Never had a problem with mine but I agree some of the latches need a little care. The ones that retain the front indicator units for example ... I once had one of those fly off on the M4.

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