R129 brake dust cover different part numbers

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Feb 13, 2007
R129 SL500 from 96

In another post there was a brief discussion about the cost of R129 wings and brake dust cover/shields came up as well

I had a look at mine on the front axle and they are not in great shape and could do with replacing until I started looking and realised that these are no longer available (what on earth?)

Found this 2016 thread from a German forum R129SL Roadster - Forum • Thema anzeigen - Bremsenbleche Vorne für SL500!!!!

I had a look on ilcats.ru and noticed there are different part numbers for the same item
  • Protective cover right A1294202244 (left one ending 2144)
  • Protective cover right A1294201944 (mentions ESP in the usage column) (left one ending 1844)
Part number ending 2244/2144 is about £135-150 and available and part number ending 1844/1944 is very difficult if not impossible to source and I did saw one yesterday (could have been a left one) for about £500 (no way!)

Does anyone know the exact difference between these part numbers? If there is a difference is it because of ESP and can the part number ending 2144/2244 be modified to fit?

Cars with 320/334mm discs have a larger disc shield (18/1944). They were NLA for a while before being brought back into supply; I had a quote from main dealer at the beginning of the year for stupid money (£400+ per side), but it's possible that batch is now exhausted. MB Classic lookup suggests still available though.

The 21/2244 is to suit 300mm discs, so doesn't have quite the same coverage. It's also designed for the LCAs with removable balljoint, so you might have to do some clearance work to suit. For the money saved I don't see this is much of an issue though.
just checked my brake discs and they are 320mm

I found them on the classic site (did not now this existed, good resource to have) and indeed ~€450, ouch!

I have decided that for now the brake shields I currently have are still okay :)
Hi, I was hoping to temporarily resurrect this thread as I have a similar issue.

I have a 1999 (reg in 2000) SL280. I'm missing both front back plates.

A couple of questions if you'd be so kind:

- Is there any FL / PFL consideration to whether you can use parts A1294202244 / A1294202144?
- I currently have 300mm discs but they're after-market and I'm having my local 'specialist' put original MB brakes on - they can't / won't tell me if the MB replacement will be 300mm, hopefully it will be.

In summary I'm trying to figure out if A1294202244 / A1294202144 will work for me, with my future new MB discs, as it seems about all that I can track down!

Many thanks,

they can't / won't tell me if the MB replacement will be 300mm, hopefully it will be.

That's a little worrying, especially from someone proclaiming to be a "specialist". How well do they think this is going to work if the discs aren't the same size as currently fitted? Have they been measured?

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