R129 central locking woes

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by James1976, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Jul 18, 2010
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    94 300 SL-24 in Bornite, 2010 Smart Fortwo Passion
    Evening all.

    I have a problem that's just reared it's head with my 94 300 SL-24.

    Bear with me whilst I explain properly :eek:

    The car is fitted with an aftermarket sigma alarm and immobiliser system which operates the central locking too. It locked the doors and boot, but strangely did not lock the internal door pockets and arm rest. They didn't operate the LED's, it just locked and unlocked the car.

    The keys (original infra red remote locking ones) locked the doors, boot and internal pockets and arm rest, whether using the infra red button or key manually in the lock. The LED's worked when using this sytem.

    As the original keys with infra red remotes built in and are huge, and without key ring loop I don't use them - I got a slim copy key made and therefore used this in the doors to lock the car and internal pockets, then set the alarm.

    This morning when at D-class (Great outfit, 100% recommended) the key in the drivers door lock didn't work the central locking. The passenger side continues to work the central locking perfectly as does the boot.

    The LED indicators work fine on all door locks and the boot, indicating opening and closing flashing a few times when using the original keys infra red keys, pushing the button with all door and boot lock sensors.

    However, when I use the the drivers door lock the previous resistance (as if you're pushing the key against a lever) has gone and the door locks and unlocks only without acutating the central locking. The LED flashes for about 10 second presumably indicating something is wrong.

    Internally the passengers door lock operates all central locking but the drivers door lock no longer does.

    Using the original remote fobs all the doors, boot, compartments etc unlock!

    Strange thing is the Sigma alarm now no longer locks or unlocks the door it just sets the alarm. Is this linked or does the alarm activate some sort of sensor that internally forces the drivers door lock hence the problems?

    Any ideas what the hell's going on?

    Just when I thought everything was working as it should :crazy:

    Am guessing something's come loose or broken in the drivers door but strange it still works using the infra red system :dk:

    Assuming door handle removal is right pig and parts will cost a fortune :confused:

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