R129 Electric seat problems

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Dec 16, 2008
Maidenhead, Berkshire
My 1998 SL is showing a couple of problems with the seats.

1) Passenger seat will only go forward and backwards about 4 cm before it it stops. All other functions work fine. I checked the screw thread under the base and it looks fine.

2) Drivers seat, I have the seat base right back so when you tip the backrest "backwards" it reaches it limit, then it used to push the base forward so it could continue to recline. Its stopped doing that so I cant recline it any further. Even if I move the seat base forward using the button, it wont recline any more.

A quick google tells me people say its either the controller or the switches in the door card. Dry joints etc that they resolder. Another owner did replace the screw thread in the base, although it looks well made so I'm not sure how you can break that !

Anyone got any suggestions where I might start looking for my particular problems ?

I am also having issues, have had a couple of responses and also watchign various you tube videos...still not cured yet. Might be worth looking at my post see if anything pops up to help you.
You probably need a new relay.

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