R129 Indicators no longer available!

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Jan 25, 2014
Nuneaton, Warwickshire
Lots of Mercedes!

My SL60 AMG indicator popped out...as they do..

Mercedes no longer supply!! How can that be.

Rang all aftermarket suppliers and no one can get them..

Found some on ebay... no brand listed... not happy about using aftermarket parts but seems like no choice.

my little rant of the day... R129 about as common a a ford focus and MB no longer supply indicators.... ARGH...
Not sure what Mercedes are playing at lately with all this non availability of parts. Added to which the fact that when the vehicle passes over to the Classic Centre the prices rocket.
R107 spares prices are getting a joke now.
I think it is starting to leave a bad taste in the mouth of long term Mercedes Enthusiasts who are used to previously excellent availability of spare parts.
Jay you better stock up on some donor cars the amount of classis you got!
you need to build a huge garage and keep one of each for parts ;)

Crikey...bit weird for such a plentiful model. Is that both newer clear and older orange lenses?
Jay, IIRC I've got a set of genuine clear ones here if that helps?

Briefly fitted before I decided I preferred the original half and half set.
Yes please Doodle! Ill pm you... I wont be happy with cheap aftermarket ones that I have bought now.
Jay, did I not give you a spare set when you took the SL60? Not sure but thought so. Although also not sure if they were OEM or aftermarket.
I fitted new ones when I upgraded to Xenon... I may have the old ones still, will need to check.
Well the aftermarket fleaby ones arrived... To be fair they look ok... Lets see how they fit.

Made by TYC.
Mercedes is now into mass production of their cars and are hoping you will recycle them after 10 years. Look at the problems the guys with the R230s are having with electronic and suspension systems - it is a throw away car, maintenance costs are horrific.

As a matter of interest the guys in USA have found out to their horror that radiators for the R129 SL500s are no longer available.:fail

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