R129 interior parts wanted

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Mar 14, 2024
Newport Pagnell
SL320 R129
Hi, I am looking for some parts for an R129 SL I am restoring.

In particular I am looking for the little plastic pieces glued to the door trim panel that hold the nylon fasteners that clip into the door itself. They are not available from my local dealer, the are just part of the door panel assembly and do not have a mercedes part number (see photos).Does anyone have a couple of each they can spare/sell?

I also need to replace the small gas strut in the rear part of the centre console. I cannot find an equivalent from any of the usual suppliers of gas struts, as the 12mm cylinder diameter is smaller than their standard ranges.See photo. Has anyone found a source for these struts?

When removing the dome lighting from the top of the windscreen. This black thing on a wire fell down (see photo). There are no markings on it. It seems to have been held on with velcro, but there are no marks to show where it was installed. What is it, and where should it be fitted.

Many thanks

John O
Good morning
Not sure on the door clips but I bought my centre console strut from here.. the correct one, no filing, drilling etc..


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The mystery object looks like a microphone. Has your car had a Bluetooth phone kit installed?
Stratman, thanks for your comment. I have been endeavouring to extract the remains of a mobile telephone system from the dash, installed near or behind the passenger airbag, so it may well be part of that. The fact that it has a velcro mounting suggests it is probably not factory fitted.
I managed to track down the gas strut from a company in Latvia for only £12 inc postage, instead of the £50 from everywhere else.

I will report back details when I receive and evaluate them.

Many thanks.

John O

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