R129 N10/2 Relay


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Jun 22, 2011
I have had a problem with the indicators on my SL320 which other posts have suggested could be caused by problems with the N10/2 indicator/hazard/windscreen wiper relay unit. I pulled it out from its compartment behind the fuse box but to my horror one of the wires pulled out the bottom of the 21 pin multiplug. I now have a red/white cable hanging loose and five possible places to replace it as not all the pins on the relay connect to anything. There is another, fatter red/white cable that goes to the six way plug so it might be the power in lead but I'm not sure.

Does anyone either have a wiring diagram of this area that would indicate which pin this cable need to be inserted opposite, alternately is there anyone with a R129 model (that bit of the wiring is common to all) who fancies having a peek at their relay and telling me where the aforementioned red/white cable is supposed to go?

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