R129 passenger seat

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Dec 13, 2015
Esher, Surrey
Mercedes SL 280 R129
Any ideas, for some reason the passenger seat will not recline or move back and forth on the slider, I can hear it click for both operations but nothing happens :confused:
The base is held on with a couple of screws, 30 sec to whip them out pop the base off and take a look.
Thanks for that, have watched a you tube video showing the x 2 Philips screws, problem I have is the seat is stuck in its maximum forward position. Using a mirror and light I cannot see/find these screws the best I can see is hex heads x 2 either side. My car is 1994, do you think they may have varied the fastenings?
The originals are Philips head, but it's quite possible they have been lost/replaced over time.
Thanks guys for taking time out to respond. Have finally got the bolster off, torch/mirror removed x 2 hex head 10mm bolts, also removed the back rest, x 2 star head screws at base. Now have good access to everything which all seems clean and OK. Have disconnected and re connected various leads, still getting the clicking as though it is trying to work. The seat belt works fine as does the bolster adjustment up/down etc. Recliner and actually seat still back/forth will not operate ( so far).

Does anyone know a way of re setting the system/motors etc. I am pretty sure it is not the switch mechanism on door. Lots of power and charge in the battery also. When it happened I had moved the seat as far forward as possible (to get easier access to the back whilst cleaning the inside of windscreen. I noticed/realised (too late) that it pushed up the floor mat and a plastic protector cover in foot-well (now removed), so may have jammed against it.

Well at least it will give me chance to clean the seats and underneath, if I get this working may even whip out the drivers side and do the same :)

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